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Fun & Delicious Birthday Cakes

Give them something special on their special day. Cake Central has made thousands of birthday cakes across Sydney have a very happy birthday with our custom birthday cakes. With designs customised to reflect their interests, you’re sure to see their faces light up when you come out with the candles lit.

Everyone deserves to have great food on their birthday, so we offer our services at some of the most competitive prices in the city. We can cater for parties of all sizes and on all budgets, helping every family give their son or daughter something they’ll remember forever. Choose to work with a cake decorator who delivers more smiles across Sydney and start a conversation with Cake Central today.

Make their birthday one to remember with our cakes

Your child’s birthday should be all about them, so we offer parents the chance to have their cake customised to reflect what your child loves. We’ve created cakes in a range of themes and designs, featuring everything from Twilight to Cookie Monster, Alice in Wonderland and LEGO. Talk to us about what your son or daughter is interested and work with us to create a design around them.

We offer a broad range of flavours ensuring there’s something delicious that both adults and kids can agree on. Choose from a range of flavours including chocolate, white chocolate, marble, cookies and cream, strawberry, caramel, butterscotch, red velvet, lemon, banana and orange poppy, fill it with your choice for choc ganache, caramel ganache or Bavarian meringue buttercream and cover it in rich, thick icing for the ultimate birthday treat.

The patissier of choice for people across the city

Make your little one’s dreams come true and work with Cake Central to create a stunning dessert for their birthday.

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